AxleHire Main Image


  • Type: Logistic Startup Company in San francisco, CA
  • Role: UX/UI Designer
  • Tools: Sketch/Principle/Adobe Creative Suite/Zeplin
  • Timeline: 11 weeks, Summer 2017

Combining superior technology with logistics, AxleHire provides driver supply and logistics for the last mile economy and offering customers quick logistics scalability.

As a UX/UI designer, I worked closely with the developers for the implementation and participated in a project to build AxleHire’s responsive landing page that effectively conveys their brand value related with redefining urban logistics. Also, I have re-designed their brand identity design as well as their internal staging website.


“How to improve the website more deliverable and user-friendly?” The challenge was simple and straightforward. AxleHire needed to improve the exisitng landing website as well as internal staging website. My goal was to enhance the landing website more deliverable and usable. I practiced responsive design to make the web adaptive to changing device dimensions. After defined the major pain points, I created user flow, wireframes, low&high-fidelity UI and an interactive prototype for usability testing.


The solution that I came up with was to make it simple and clean as possible. The company’s slogan is to deliver and provide the best solution to people quickly and reliably. By creating something that addresses their brand value, It enables users or customers to reach out to the company more. Also, the experience of browsing website is more simply deliverable without sophisticated words and graphics.


The wireframe of landing pages reflect the design goal. The main focus was to provide clear exploration of the website on what AxleHire does and how it works,(2) allow users to have, and make easy and convenient.

AxleHire Userflow
AxleHire lowfi


Before get into the landing page redesign, I was responsible to redesign the AxleHire logo by looking at the exisitng style guideline. The goal of creating logo was effectively convey intended messages to the users. Increase the readability and deliver their identity effectively were the priority in my design choices. The AxleHire logo mark takes the first letter of Axlehire, formed by the characters ‘A’. This ‘A’ mark incorporate with the solid white thin lines inside which silhouette of the road and implicate their core values of quick, reliable, and affordable delivery.

AxleHire Visual Language


Below is the final prototype of the website. For the main image, it shows San Francisco area map so that users can read and make a good impression of what AxleHire does.

AxleHire Visual Image

Final Video


The new website offers an effortless way to understand AxleHire’s product value and their delivery system. The most challenging for me was finding a way to create the website clean and neat. By conducting user testing and cognitive walkthrough, It was good opportunity to solve the usability issues. Most of the users found the website is user friendly and could easily navigate through all the contents&links within the pages. The intenrship was a valuable experience for me because I not only learned the design decision making of website design but also learned how to effectively communicate with the engineers by using Zeplin. If there was more time, I would love to build a prototype of the Login page.

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